Beginning The Adventure

Let me preface this by saying my mother and I might be crazy. Maybe we’ve both experienced one too many endorphin-fueled runners’ highs, and the chemistry in our brains has been permanently affected. There has to be an explanation, right? I can barely put this plan into words, but here it goes: we want to run a half-marathon in every state of the US.

Luckily, we have 2 down! Only 48 more to go! Massachusetts and Maine can both be crossed off the list. Maine is actually going to be a repeat, since my mom and I ran the Shipyard Old Port Half-Marathon in Portland last summer, and we’re going to run it again this year since we had so much fun the first time! The race after-party has LOTS of free food, which I have zero guilt about indulging in after having run 13.1 miles.

The other race we have on our calendar is the Monadnock Half-Marathon in New Hampshire in August (yay for state #3!). The description of this course makes it sound tough- lots of hills throughout the course. My mom and I almost chickened out from signing up for this one, but then decided to just go for it. We certainly won’t be looking for any PR’s on the course though!

Training has begun, courtesy of a half-marathon plan from Runner’s World magazine. My first few runs after coming home from college were rough. I was getting over a sinus infection and had not been able to squeeze many runs in between studying for exams, so it was really discouraging how hard a little, itty-bitty 3-mile run felt. But, I’m happy to say the plan has been working like a charm! My mom and I did an 8-mile long run yesterday, and I felt pretty good throughout. Today is a rest day for the legs, and tomorrow we’ll be doing a 5k! I absolutely love the camaraderie of racing, so I’m very excited for this.

Brady and Keeper (our dogs) helped us cool off after our 8 mile run!

Brady and Keeper (our dogs) helped us cool off after our 8 mile run!


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  1. noragozzo

    It’s always fun to run on a beautiful day and to see what adventures, people – or wildlife – we might meet! This time, as we ran along a trail at the edge of the woods, we met a rather large snapping turtle trying to dig a hole in which to lay her eggs. There were two other holes nearby, which had clearly been disturbed by some predator, but the turtle carried on digging yet another hole. For a moment, we admired her determination and dedication to her task, and then, feeling inspired by her tenacity, we continued on our way, wondering what other surprises those last few miles might hold in store for us!

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