Hash Run Training Fun

So last Saturday, my mom and I participated in a Hash Run with the running club we belong to, the Sqannacook River Runners! For those who might not know what a hash run is, I’ll explain. Let me start by saying that these runs are super fun and non-competitive.  It’s almost like a game of tag in that 1 person (or 2 sometimes) acts as the “hare”, meaning everyone chases them! It gets a little trickier though because the hare gets a head-start running through trails and woods until they are out of sight. But, they leave a trail using dots of flour or little pieces of toilet paper every 40-50 yards or so. But there’s another twist! If the trail comes to an intersection, the hare can leave a cross that mig

ht look a bit like this-

hash run

This signals that the hare may have gone in any direction (excluding the way you just came from). So then people have to run out and try to find which trail is right- which means you may end up doubling back if you pick the wrong trail! The hares also get some help from some prearranged beverage stops, indicated by a “BN” drawn in flour, meaning “beverage (or beer for the over 21 crowd) near”. After a while of chasing the hare, these stops really hit the spot.

In general, it all amounts to a lot of chaos and fun! We had around 20 members of the club participate, and everyone brought a signaling device. These ranged from whistles to harmonicas to a squawking rubber chicken. Needless to say, we were a rather noisy bunch.

As the run really got going, the hares (we had 2) managed to successfully confuse pretty much everyone. No one ended up being quite sure where the real trail went, as we all emerged from the trails from different directions! Nevertheless, it was a great run somewhere between 3 and 4 miles, and just what my mom and I needed for our training run that day. Afterwards, we had a potluck barbecue, and we brought delicious spinach empanadas to serve as an appetizer. Overall, a really nice training day for my mom and I, complete with good friends and good food!


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