So my schedule has been a little more hectic than usual because the summer track and field camp I work at as a counselor has officially begun! It’s an afternoon camp for kids ranging all the way from kindergarten through 8th grade. While it can be tiring working with such a big group of kids, I find it really rewarding. Participating in track and field in high school was how I first became a part of the running community, and I loved it! I think it’s really important that kids find enjoyment in whatever form of exercise they choose to try- that way they’ll be more inclined to stick with it! My biggest hope is that the kids who come to the camp will have a blast and come to think of running not as a boring, weight-loss tool, but a fun, exciting way to get outside and be active.

Speaking of being active, my mom and I both went on solo 6-milers this morning. It was pretty cool and cloudy out, which was a nice break from the sweaty, 90+ degree days we just went through. I felt really comfortable throughout the run, and according to my new iPod nano (I replaced the one that died in the monsoon), I averaged 9:18 per mile. I’m not entirely sure how accurate it is for pace/distance, but this seemed about right.

Maybe another reason I felt so good on this run was that I didn’t have 10 lbs of hair weighing me down! That’s right, I got a major haircut yesterday, and now my ponytail feels minuscule compared to what it was. 

My new short hair!!

My new short hair!!


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