Last Long Run!

So, my mom and I did our long run this morning – minus the ice cream!

We kept in mind the lessons we learned from our struggle of a run from last week, and did it the right way this time.  We got up nice and early and were out the door by 7 am (instead of running during the hottest part of the day, as we did last week). This made things 100% better. There was even a nice breeze!

Our route was very quiet. A few other runners were out, but it seemed like most people were sleeping in this Saturday morning. That was fine, my mom and I had the sidewalk all to ourselves!

Of course, it was a 10 mile run. No matter how much better prepared we were, it was still hard! The toughest part were some seriously killer hills that had my mom asking me if it would be ok if she dropped “the F-Bomb”. I said it was. 

My thoughts as I ran up those hills:

running hill

But luckily, my mom and I both lived! We only paused once to have a gel around mile 4. They were vanilla flavored- yum! The best part though, was when we finished, and I realized that was the last really long run we had to do before the Shipyard Half on 7/14! Next week’s a tapering week, so we’ll be taking it a little easier.

Anyways, I’m glad we got that hard work out of the way because IT’S TIME FOR A LITTLE VACATION! That’s right, my mom and I are taking a mini-trip up to Maine tomorrow, and I am very excited. We’re going to be kayaking, exploring some gorgeous trails, and (obviously) eating tons of seafood! I looooooove seafood; it has to be one of the best things about the summer, and this is going to be authentic, Maine seafood. That ranks up there with cheesecake, greek yogurt and other extremely awesome things in my book. Heck, maybe we’ll even squeeze in a run in between eating lobsters.

See you in a few days!


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  1. Kate Cooper

    You go, girls! Looking forward to the saga.

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