The 100 Pushups Challenge

Hi there!

So my mom and I are undertaking a new adventure/challenge- the 100 pushup plan! 

In all the Runners’ World articles and books we’ve read on running, cross-training and strength training are always emphasized for their importance in boosting speed and running form. Despite these benefits, strength training is something we runners frequently neglect (after all, we’re runners because we like to run not pump iron!). I know I’m definitely guilty of this. So, increasing my strength (and toning my arms!) has been something I’ve wanted to work on for a while.

About a week ago, I came across a website/workout plan that claims that after 6 weeks, you’ll be able to complete 100 consecutive pushups! Initially, I was totally skeptical of this. I can do barely 12 pushups before collapsing in a heap on the floor. 100 pushups!? No freakin’ way.

But I looked at the plan because I was curious. It’s structured to work kind of like the popular “Couch Potato to 5k” running plans- it’s only 3 days a week, with gradual increases and plenty of rest days. Check out the 100 Pushups Plan for yourself!

So, I thought why not try it? The worst that can happen is that I still can’t do 100 pushups after 6 weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a few more than 12 though! My mom’s going to give it a go too, and I’ll document the progress and effectiveness of the plan as we go!

We’ve completed Day 1 (check it out here!), but we still have a looooong way to go. But hey, if it’s too easy, it’s not really an adventure, right? 


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