Adventures in Maine!

In less than a week, my mom and I will be making the journey up to Maine once again, this time for the Old Shipyard Half-Marathon! We are getting very excited. 

BUT, before that happens, I wanted to post a little update on the mini vacation my mom and I just took up to Booth Bay, Maine. The weather really did not cooperate with us. AT ALL. It was sunny for, oh, the first 30-45 minutes we were there? After that, solid rain, clouds, and fog for the remainder of the stay…

Despite the rain and chill, we managed to have quite a few adventures. We started our trip off with a kayaking tour down the Sheepscot River. My mom and I shared a tandem kayak, as we’re both newbies when it comes to kayaking.


(I snapped this picture of her from the front!) Even though it rained on us roughly the whole time we were kayaking, it was still pretty cool- we got to see a bunch of seals, and we stopped off at a little island for some much-needed snacks before making the return trip. By the time we finally got back, our hands were a wee bit water-logged-

DSC02500Between the rain and the dropping temperatures, we were freezing and starving by the time we made it back to our B&B, where we grabbed fresh coffee and some homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. I don’t even like raisins, but these tasted like the best cookies ever. room1

After grabbing a delicious dinner (my mom and I shared an order of pasta with lobster and a vegetable medley), we settled into our cozy room to watch a little trashy TV!

The next day, it was equally cold and drizzly, and we realized we hadn’t packed warm raincoats. So, off we went to shop with an umbrella borrowed from the bed and breakfast. Luckily, one of the first stores we went into had some very nice jackets, and both me and my mom ended up getting one. (Here’s my mom posing in her new jacket with the umbrella, which coincidentally matched!)


While the weather was horrible, our stay at the bed and breakfast was really, really nice. You could tell that the views would be wonderful on a clear, sunny day (not that we had any of those!)


The breakfasts the B&B served were also amazing. The first day, we had fluffy, scrambled eggs on a biscuit with a red pepper hollandaise sauce- DELICIOUS!! And the breakfast on our last morning was equally amazing- vanilla french toast drizzled with raspberry and chocolate sauce. Talk about starting the day off right!

Scrambled eggs with red pepper hollandaise on a fresh biscuit!

Scrambled eggs with red pepper hollandaise on a fresh biscuit!

Vanilla french toast drizzled with chocolate and raspberry!

Vanilla french toast drizzled with chocolate and raspberry!

garden2The last day we were bummed about having to head home in the afternoon, but we tried to make the most of our morning (even though, you guessed it – it was a cloudy, cool day)! We spent the last few hours of our trip visiting the Maine Botanical Gardens, which are apparently ranked as some of the most beautiful gardens in the US. Countless people had told us that we had to see the gardens, and they were right!  They really were gorgeous, and there was even a cute garden for little kids (and me )  to play around in.

Then, it was time to head home. *tear… Overall though, it really was a great, adventure-packed vacation, and we sure didn’t let the weather get in the way of our fun!

I can’t wait to get back up to Maine this weekend for a lil’ half-marathon fun!






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