Countdown to Triathlon: 2 days!

Hi there!

So much to say since I last posted! I’m going to try to get it all in, so just bear with me. 

First off, the weather this past week has been toying with me and my efforts to train for my triathlon on Sunday.  On Tuesday, I went for an easy 5 mile bike ride in the afternoon. Clouds were darkening and moving in, but I figured the ride wouldn’t take me too long and that I would be able to squeak it in. AND I ALMOST DID. I was probably 5 minutes from home when it got really dark. Almost like it was 8 or 9 pm instead of 3 in the afternoon on a summer day. And then the skies just opened up- thunder, lightning, the whole shebang. It was raining so hard I couldn’t even see on certain stretches! And thus, I missed one of the turns and ended up having to backtrack on foot on a dirt road that was flooding too badly to ride on. Not fun. Finally made it home and toweled off.

caught in the rain

Then, in the evening, I ran the Lowell Good Times Series 5K (it didn’t rain again, thankfully). I didn’t run too hard and came in around 25:17. It was coaster toss night, meaning everyone had a coaster with their name and number on it that they had to try to throw into buckets while running. After the race, coasters were picked from the buckets for prizes! I aimed for a bucket labeled for a ‘Marshmallow Roasting Kit’, but alas, no cigar.  No marshmallow roasting kit for me. (Not that I really need one, I just like winning things )

Thursday, I was hoping to squeeze in another swim, but the weather changed drastically overnight. It went from hot, humid mid-80s to a rainy, cold low 70s. I was able to get in a nice 4 mile run in the morning, after which I rewarded myself with a delicious, baked oatmeal cinnabun, adapted from a recipe by Chocolate Covered Katie. It was just the treat I needed to motivate myself to get out the door by 6:30 am.


Today was pretty cool- my mom and I went on a road trip adventure to pick up my wetsuit rental for Sunday (eek!). My mom had wanted to visit a museum in the area for a while- the Russian Icon Museum, so we went there first. The icons were really beautiful. It’s amazing that art hundreds of years old can still look so amazing today.


An icon with an oklad (a metal overlay with jewels and beads).

After the museum, we continued on to pick up the wetsuit! The woman I spoke with was super friendly, and turns out, she’s doing the Wild Cat sprint triathlon too! She gave me lots of helpful advice, and just talking with her made me start feeling more excited (and less anxious) for Sunday.

When we got home, I was ready to try out my wetsuit! Brady (he’s the one wagging his tail) did not know what to think of my new attire.


Striking a pose

Striking a pose

At the pond, the dogs joined me for a swim. Afterwards, there was a little game of good ol’-fashioned tug-of-war with a nice stick.


Tomorrow, I’ll give the wetsuit one more final test before putting it to the REAL test on Sunday. I can’t believe in just over a day, I’ll be a triathlete (hope I don’t jinx myself!)

Time to get some ZZzzzzzs now   Good night!


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  1. John Nixon

    My dear little Valkyrie we wish you the best of luck tomorrow and we will call you Sunday night. Happy swimming. We llok forward to each of your well written blogs. Nana & John

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