Keep Calm and TriathlON!

Hey there,

Keep Calm and TriathlON- what I’ve been trying to do today! At this point, I’m excited and ready to go.  And maybe just a tad nervous… 

I tried not to do anything too strenuous today, but I did want to keep my legs active to avoid feeling flat tomorrow. So, I went for a leisurely 10 mile bike ride around 9 am. It was gorgeous out- there was a nice breeze, and plenty of bikers/joggers/walkers were out enjoying the sun as well. It was a pretty nice change after the past rainy days.

When I got back, I tested the wetsuit on a short swim again. I wanted to practice getting OUT of the suit as quickly as possible. Not the easiest thing in the world, let me tell ya! 

After that, I just took it easy today, reading and cooking. I made a delicious pre-race fueling meal of pasta carbonara. I made some substitutions to make it a bit lighter (skim milk instead of heavy cream, etc…) This was what my mom and I ate before our first half-marathon ever, and it seemed to work well for us then! Hopefully, it’ll do the job tomorrow.

Pre-Triathlon Dinner!

Pre-Triathlon Dinner!


As I was cooking, I made a list of all the supplies I’ll need for tomorrow to calm my anxieties about forgetting stuff. It’s hard to do a triathlon without a bike or running sneakers. 

tri checklist

Wish me luck! I’ll be posting about how it goes (if I’m not too tired! And assuming, I survive the swim!)


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One response to “Keep Calm and TriathlON!

  1. Monique

    Good Luck Nora!!!
    I’m thinking of you! Go get ’em girl!
    You CAN do it!!! XO

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