A Little Recap (And on to the next Adventure!)

Hi there!

So the results for the Wild Cat Sprint Tri were finally posted officially, so here are my results!


Sorry that is a very blurry screen shot. But to summarize, I came in 5th in my age group overall, my time for the swim was 12:17 (pretty psyched for this given that my swimming is less than stellar!), and my first transition time was 3:11. I’LL TAKE THAT =) For the bike, my time was 46:58, pretty slow, but oh well. That’s what happens when you ride a mountain bike. I was really excited for my run time though- 25:19 for the 3 mile run, and that was the 2nd fastest time in my age group! Not a bad time at all for having just biked 11 miles! And my overall time was 1 hour, 29 minutes. I don’t really know what a good time for a sprint triathlon is, but given that this was my first one ever, I’m pretty darn satisfied. 

Thankfully, I haven’t been too sore. I did pilates yesterday and some light stretching, and that seems to have done the trick! I was able to get out nice and early this morning for a 6 mile run before it got too warm. It felt nice to do a good mid-distance run again. With tri-training, I had been focusing  on my weaker areas of swimming and biking, so it felt great to get out and do something that comes a bit more naturally.

And, I started using Runkeeper today to log my workouts! It’s pretty cool- I was able to map my run using Google Maps and get an accurate assessment of the mileage.


I typically use the NikePlus feature on my iPod Nano to keep track of the miles while running as I don’t have a GPS watch right now, but I’m always a little suspicious of its accuracy. So, I was happy to see that my route, does in fact, appear to be 6 miles! (I would feel like a slacker if I was only running 5.8 or 5.9  )

This afternoon, the weather was so gorgeous, me and my mom took Brady and Keeper to a local field and pond to run around and swim. Brady (the chocolate lab) is ALWAYS excited for exercise (sometimes I wish I could be as motivated as he is!). He literally could not stop bouncing.

He might have springs for legs...

He might have springs for legs…

All he wants is for someone to throw a tennis ball

All he wants is for someone to throw a tennis ball

There, finally got a good picture of him!

Keeper, on the other hand, is a little older, and she’s more about getting a good sunbathing session in.





So, the dogs, my mom and I are now back in the swing of running! As we should be, because… WE ARE RUNNING THE MONADNOCK HALF-MARATHON ON AUGUST 10TH! WE’LL BE CROSSING OFF THE GOOD OL’ STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE (but more about this later! )


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One response to “A Little Recap (And on to the next Adventure!)

  1. Monique

    Great recap Nora! And I was happy to learn about the Runkeeper app! They have apps for just about everything now! A great idea. I used one to track my food and exercise and found it extremely helpful and it kept me honest about my caloric intake! Glad you were satisfied with this first experience. I’m impressed that you are already planning your next race! You are an inspiration!
    I’ll be away for a while but will catch up when I return. Best always! XO

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