Gearing up for Monadnock!

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So, a couple of updates- went on my last long run before the Monadnock Half-Marathon this Saturday! I feel like I haven’t posted much about our training for this one, as it has been a little haphazard. It’s only been 2 weeks since the triathlon, and I was away for a few days and then family was visiting, so needless to say, we’ve been busy!

My mom and I did our last long runs separately- she did 11.4 in the morning on Tuesday and I did 10 in the afternoon. I think I have fully converted to being a morning runner. I only went in the afternoon because I didn’t have time in the morning to run an hour and a half, but running in the glaring, afternoon sun was even worse than I expected!

tuesday aug 6


As you can see though, I gutted it out- and got some hills in! I took some watermelon-flavored Extreme Sport Beans  with me to fuel over the course of the run, and they definitely helped a lot. I tried Shot Bloks once and almost choked trying to chew those things and breathe at the same time! The Sport Beans are nice because they are small enough to chew easily, and you get that thrill of enjoying “candy” while exercising! Such a win-win! 

sport beans1

sport beans2


I also felt like they did give me a nice boost of energy. Around mile 4.5, I opened the packet and ate 3. I kept this routine up every mile or so through mile 8, and I felt pretty solid at the end for having just run 10 miles.

My mom and I will certainly be using these babies on Saturday, because let me tell you- we’re going to need all the help we can get! I think it’s fair to say this course is going to be challenging. Here’s the description from the Monadnock Half Marathon’s website:

Attention!! This is a beautiful, but challenging course that can be a great experience if you run wisely…Rolling hills welcome you in this next scenic section.  You will cover miles 5 and 6 through here.  Utilize your downhills and maintain your pace on the small uphills, but don’t try to be a hero here.  You will need the energy…As you approach mile 7, you will meet Dragg Hill.  There is no shame in walking this.  It will test you physically and mentally.  It is less than a mile, so find a friend and go with whatever mantra works for you.  If you are a fierce competitor, go ahead and burn up this, but remember you have some quad pounders coming up. You will have another challenging hill as you approach Cathedral of the Pines.  You will be able to see the Cathedral of the Pines cheering station/aide station at the top of the hill, so buckle down, dig deep and keep cranking….you are almost there!.. This is not the type of course to try to PR on.  Come out, absorb the scenery, hit one of the many aide stations and pace yourself.   If you do these things…you will love this course and do well.”

And here’s what the elevation map looks like for this course-



Yep, that’s a net gain of 384 ft. Yikes.

ARE YOU FREAKING OUT YET?! Because I am!!!! A little bit at least. My mom and I have decided to heed the advice from the website- we have no plans to push for PR’s, we’re going to power-walk up some of the steepest hills, and we’re going to hydrate and fuel carefully! Hopefully along the way, we’ll be able to admire the gorgeous scenery and soak up the nature.  That’s the plan, anyway. Wish us luck!


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