Lazy Sunday afternoons

Hey there! 

So results for the Monadnock Half Marathon ’13 were posted yesterday- I came in 30th out of 54 in my age group and my mom got 8th out of 17 in hers. We’re pretty content with that!

We took the day to relax, cook a little, and get the dogs some exercise.

Look at Brady and Keeper snoozin' in the sunshine!

Look at Brady and Keeper snoozin’ in the sunshine!

brady big nose romp

I helped my mom bake a gluten-free orange scented almond cake that is SO TASTY! No one in my family is strictly gluten-free; it was just coincidental that the recipe was. I obviously don’t know much about gluten-free foods, but I DO know that this cake is amazing- incredibly moist, airy, and just a bit sweet. I topped it with a little honey-flavored Greek yogurt and a side of strawberries for dessert. Delicious!

Orange Scented Almond Cake

Orange Scented Almond Cake

It was really nice to just take the day to relax after running those hilly 13.1 miles yesterday. 

This morning, I “suited up” (as my mom and I call dressing for a run!), and headed out to do a little 4-miler. Wanting to push myself to go a bit faster than my typical pace, I took my mom’s GPS watch, but somehow I didn’t actually start it until I realized about a mile into my run that it wasn’t recording the distance! I hate when technology gets in the way of a good workout. I was pretty frustrated, but I was able to chart the distance and guesstimate my pace based on the length of the run when I entered the run into RunKeeper later in the morning.



Not quite as fast as I wanted, but still a pretty good clip for me. I also saw a fox on the run! It looked like a tall, skinny cat about to cross the road, but then it darted back into the woods when it saw me coming. So that sort of made up for the technology snafu. 



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