Pedicures and First 5Ks!

Hello again! 

I’m sad (well… maybe a little excited too!) to say that the summer is really beginning to wind down.

9 days banner

That’s right! 9 days from now, I’ll be heading back to college, preparing to start my junior year. It’s scary how fast time flies.

To rejuvenate our feet after a summer of running, my mom and I got pedicures yesterday! You remember the picture of my blister? Well, there have been a lot of those these past few months, so a little pampering was definitely in order. When we came home, I was able to snap this picture of an adorable bunny rabbit chilling in our backyard. Luckily, Brady and Keeper didn’t spot this little guy, so he was able to enjoy our yard in peace.

pedi collage

In the evening, my mom and I met up with my friend Ramya to take her to her first 5K ever!!!! And boy, it was a good one- the Lowell Good Times Series Bikini Night 5K! Yes, some women (and men too, actually…) DO run in nothing but skimpy, 2-piece bathing suits. I gotta hand it to them; I can’t say I’m quite that courageous! (*As a sidenote, wardrobe malfunctions can occur! My mom, good samaritan that she is, stopped to help a young girl retie her bathing suit top, even though it meant my mom missed getting a PR by just a few seconds…)

We did get into the spirit of things by wearing brightly colored Hawaiian leis- a tropical alternative that’s a little more low-key than full on bikinis.

A little sweaty post-race, but happy!

A little sweaty post-race, but happy!

Despite a rainy start to the day, by race time, we had near-perfect weather for running- overcast with a  slight breeze. Ramya had admitted to me that she was a little nervous, something that I’m sure was not helped by her dad asking what she planned on doing “if she couldn’t finish”. I told her we could take it at whatever pace she wanted, and that I would be there to walk with her if necessary.

Walking was soooo not necessary.

While we started at the back of the crowd, Ramya set the pace to just under a 9 minute mile- and looked calm and collected while doing it!  Before I knew it, we were passing people left and right. The miles flew by, and before I knew it, we were crossing the finish line, and the clock read 27:45!!!! That’s right, we came in under 30 minutes in her first ever 5k!!!! I don’t really remember my time from my first 5K, but I’m pretty darn sure it wasn’t that fast.

Yes, that's a man in a speedo in the background.

Yes, that’s a man in a speedo in the background.

And, to top it all off, she got a little trophy to commemorate her first 5K! What an awesome night.

ramya trophy2

Smile! First 5K trophy

Smile! First 5K trophy


Running your first race is such a special experience, and I hope one that she’ll continue to build on by running more in the future! I would certainly be excited to have another running buddy for my future races! 


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