Speed Work With Some Minor Adjustments

Good afternoon to ya! 

Today, my mom and I decided to mix it up workout-wise with a little speed work at a nearby track. I have not really done any speed work this summer- I tend to stick to jogs and long runs, so this was a challenge for me.

Looks peaceful but did have to share with a few other runners

Looks peaceful but did have to share with a few other runners

And I may have been a little too ambitious in my planned workout- a ladder consisting of a 2-mile warmup followed by 4 400’s, 4 800’s, 4 400’s, and then a cooldown. Initially, I really really wanted to stick to this workout- to cut it short would be CHEATING, wouldn’t it?!

Those were my thoughts until I actually started running this workout. First off, I guess I got excited to be running on a track because I did my 2-mile warmup at a pace that was a little quick for me- 8:41 min/mile. Then, I went into the 400’s. I wasn’t 100% sure what a good time to aim for would be for this workout, so I told myself 2 minutes per 400 would be acceptable. Once again, I went a little crazy, running the first 400 in 1 min, 46 sec. The pace felt manageable, so I decided to just go with it for the next few 400’s. Except that somehow, each of them was progressively faster (even though I was getting tired!)

Set 1 (400 m)-

  • 1st– 1:46 min
  • 2nd– 1:43 min
  • 3rd– 1:39 min
  • 4th– 1:32 min

(In very old-school style, I wrote down my times in a notebook since I couldn’t keep track of them with a fancy watch)-

workout times

Then, it was time for the 800’s. I’m not gonna lie; the 800 meter distance scares me. Not in a slasher-movie blood-and-gore way, but in an “ugh, now I have to run fast for 2 laps?!” kind of way.  When I did track in high school, I ran the 400. It always left me exhausted and barely able to crawl off the track, so I have no idea how people manage the 800.

Well, I ran ‘em!

Set 2 (800 m)-

  • 1st– 3:23 min
  • 2nd– 3:30 min
  • 3rd– 3:31 min

And this is when, this workout got “adjusted”. Ok, fine. I shortened it. I was really proud of myself for being so consistent through the 800’s because I was starting to suffer in a burning-lungs, heavy-legs manner. And as I thought about it, I realized this was the first real speed work I’ve done in several months- and I was pushing myself like crazy. So yeah, I decided to take the workout down a notch. But it doesn’t mean I won’t eventually do the whole thing! I just decided I want to do it in a reasonable way, i.e. incorporating a little speed work and tempo runs into my workouts on a weekly basis so that I can build up my speedy stamina first. So in my mind, it wasn’t cheating.

I finished up with 2 more 400’s-

Set 3 (400 m)-

  • 1st– 1:40 min
  • 2nd– 1:38 min

So the final workouts for both me and my mom were-

mother-daughter speed workout

After my mom and I finished, we headed home to recover with some… you guessed it!! COFFEE! Iced, obviously as the two of us were basically walking puddles of sweat by this point. (The mug was from my pre-workout cup of coffee. Yes, we drink a lot of coffee.)

coffee recovery

I also did some cross-training (aka VACUUMING!) when I got home- You’re welcome, mother dearest. 

Have you ever decided to adjust/shorten a workout on the fly? Did you feel guilty about it?


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  1. Sometimes shortening the workout is the best option. You don’t want to over do it and feel trashed or better yet get injured. Listen to the body

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