Changes, Challenges, and Growing Up

I’m finally back!  Sorry for the brief hiatus, I was driving up to school and moving in for my JUNIOR YEAR!!! Gah. It’s scary how fast time is flying by.

This year is going to be really different from my past two years of school in a lot of ways. I’m super excited about some of this, but also a little nervous if I’m being totally honest. For the first time, I’m living off-campus in a house with a few girlfriends. I’ll be doing my own cooking for most meals, and I’m going to have to worry about grocery shopping for myself! I know that doesn’t sound very scary, but trying to budget and keep track of what I’m buying (and making sure it’s mostly healthy!) will be something new for me.

kid forever


Growing up is kinda scary. BUT it’s also ridiculously cool/exciting/fun/awesome! Some things I’m excited about for the coming year:

  • my classes (yes, I’m a nerd… What can you do?  )
  • my friends (I have an amazing network of friends at school and I’m so happy to be reunited with them finally!)
  • running some more half-marathons!! (I have one next Sunday!)
  • cooking for myself and trying new recipes (photos of my creations will be posted! and details about the successes/failures of particular recipes.)
  • having my own room!!! (pretty self-explanatory, even though I love my roommate from freshman/sophomore years! In fact, she’s just down the hall from me now. )

Then, there are the things that I admit, I’m just the teensiest bit worried about:

  • finding the time to run, blog, study, do homework, go to work, etc… (time management is going to be important!)
  • staying organized with all my commitments
  • missing the mother half of this Mother-Daughter Running Duo (and my family, Brady and Keeper) 



I love this quote. And as the year progresses, I’m going to have to work through challenges/stresses/life problems. They’re part of life, and all I can do is handle them the best I can. After all, you can’t have the ups without the downs!

my feeet1


It’s going to be an adventure, for sure! Here we go 



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6 responses to “Changes, Challenges, and Growing Up

  1. marie-france Gozzo

    Love the new post. It is going to be an adventure for sure, but you’ll do great!! And we will get back to having “duo” adventures soon! Keep running and cooking good stuff and we will hit the road together again soon.
    love you,

  2. Rick

    That Helen Keller quote has long been one of my favorites.

  3. John Nixon

    Good luck with school. Our love, thoughts and prayers are going with you so you can find time to juggle studying, running, work and still find time for friends and your personal life. By the way, what is your new mailing address? We love you. Nana is worried about your poor shins.
    Love John & Nana

  4. Monique

    Good luck on what appears to be the start of a wonderful new school year!
    Best Always to you , Nora!

  5. You’re going to be great 🙂 stay positive and you will achieve all of your goals!

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