Bananas, Injured Toes, and Iced Coffee

Hey there! 

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! I’ve begun classes so things are already starting to get busy, but it’s definitely a good kind of busy. After a pretty relaxing summer, I’m happy to be getting down to business again.

Because of my class schedule today, I didn’t have time to get my run in during the morning, so I was forced to brave the 80 degree temps and humidity this afternoon.

tue aug 27


I kept it kinda short today since I’m technically in my tapering stage for the half marathon I’m running Sunday! I’m very excited for this race. It’s a combo 5K/Half Marathon, and while I couldn’t get any buds to run the 13.1 with me, a bunch did sign up for the 5K so I’ll have some friends waiting for me when I cross the finish line.  The anticipation of seeing everyone will be just what I need to stay motivated during the final miles.

I cooled down after the run with a little ice coffee from the “coffee bar” in my room!

coffee station


And yes, those are White Chocolate Macademia Clif Bars you see there! Except, I accidentally got the crunchy kind, which are, in my opinion, nowhere near as tasty as the chewy ones. 

I also had a banana with a little almond butter and granola to satisfy my post-run hunger.




Yum. It was just what I needed after the hot afternoon run.

On a different note, I was looking at my feet after I finished the run and noticed that the little dark (sort of black-ish) spot on my big toe blister area had gotten bigger and felt tender, which alarmed me a bit, given that I’ll be running roughly 4 times the distance I did today on Sunday. After consulting one of my housemates (a dancer who happens to be an expert on blisters), I decided it was probably a blood blister, and that I would try to drain it. The surgery was successful, and the black spot on my toe is now gone!

injured toe

Maybe I have a future as a podiatrist? 

I am a little concerned though that my big toe may fall off running this half marathon. I hope that doesn’t happen; I quite like having 5 toes and would prefer to keep them all!

We’ll just have to wait and see I guess! In the mean time, I’m going to take a couple days off from running in the hopes that the skin will be all healed by Sunday. 


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One response to “Bananas, Injured Toes, and Iced Coffee

  1. John Nixon

    Good luck on Sunday Nora. Nana & I like your choise of colors for your toe nails and toe bandage. Nana is concerned that you are getting too many toe blisters. Love Nana & John.

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