Things I’ve Learned

Happy Friday!! 

I can’t believe my first week of classes is already done. I don’t know what your parents were like, but my dad liked to ask me every day when I was in grade school (and high school, now that I think about it.), “What did you learn in school today?” So, I thought I would sum up some of the things I have learned in this first week. Get ready, ‘cause I’m about to hit ya with some knowledge. 

  1. 1 package of quinoa lasts a REALLY long time when you’re only cooking for yourself. I ate quinoa for lunch and dinner for 3 straight days, then I got bored and finally made myself some pasta. But guess what? I still have quinoa left over…
  2. Pesto makes everything taste delicious. (Even quinoa when you’re starting to get sick of it.)
Quinoa for lunch with green beans, tofu, sundried tomatoes, and pesto!

Quinoa for lunch with green beans, tofu, sundried tomatoes, and pesto!

quinoa2        3. Overnight oats doesn’t really work when you use a 7-grain hot cereal mix. It just tastes kinda mealy…Better to stick with plain ol’           quick oats for this breakfast.

Probably good as a hot cereal, but not good for overnight oats.

Probably good as a hot cereal, but not good for overnight oats.

4. In my microeconomics class, we discussed the issue of scarcity (the idea that we have no limit on the amount of things we desire, but we have limited resources to actually acquire those things). One big resource we discussed? TIME. Honestly, right now I’d love it if there were oh maybe, 27 hours in a day? But there aren’t. So whatever  isn’t that important (ie, TV) has to go. Getting up early to cram in runs before the day gets going is also the best bet (it’s what I did today!).


5. Take apart your blender BEFORE you try to wash it. That way you don’t stab your fingers on the blades while trying to get in there with a sponge. You’d think I wouldn’t have had to learn this the hard way…

I also learned some more academic stuff, but I don’t wanna overwhelm you with my genius. 

I got in a little 3-miler this morning in preparation for the half (1 day to go!!). It was really nice and peaceful out early this morning, and I was enjoying watching the sun come over the trees until a bug flew into my mouth and I almost choked. That definitely ruined the moment…

friday 8_30

Hope everyone has a good Labor Day weekend! Wear all your white clothes while you still can!


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  1. John Nixon

    Hi Nora
    We are so glad you are continuing your blog while at school. We look forward to receiving the latest updates. We went for a two mile walk this morning, cut short because it started to rain. Nana cooks oats so it doesn’t taste like donkey food.

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