A Random Recap

Hi again! 

Sorry I haven’t posted for the past few days. I’m still adjusting to the new classes/work/internship schedule, and finding the time to post blog entries is NOT nearly as easy as it was during the summer.

But I’m not here to complain, because exciting things are happening!

First off, Kristen K. at Runaway With Me nominated Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo for a Liebster Award! (Thanks Kristen! ) I’m very excited to check out the 10 questions she picked for bloggers to answer.

In today’s post though, I wanted to recap some of the week’s activities.

Firstly, I can genuinely say that I am loving cooking for myself this semester (instead of being tied to a meal plan and campus dining). Given that I’m in upstate New York, I shop at a Wegman’s, and there are LOTS of delicious and healthy options available. I love how Wegmans sells mixes of frozen veggies that I can quickly sautee and top with whatever tasty sauce I’m fancying that night.


People in upstate New York are extremely loyal to Wegmans, and I can see why! 

This week, I made myself some panko chicken that I topped with salsa verde to go along with my veggies.

Yummy dinner!

Yummy dinner!

Panko chicken with salsa verde

Panko chicken with salsa verde

Lots of flavor without all the work of making a sauce myself!

These add lots of flavor without all the work of making a sauce myself!

I have also discovered a delicious, cheaper, and healthier alternative to frappucinos. The other day, I had some leftover coffee, so I combined it with vanilla almond milk, a few ice cubes, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder in the blender.

My Frappucino!

My Frappucino!

It wasn’t quite as thick as a frappucino, but it was still frothy and refreshing, without the ridiculous amount of sugar.

morning frap

Just what I needed to get through those morning classes!

I also went for a few shorter runs this week (4-5 miles), and I wore my new race shirt from the Oak Tree Half! Wearing a new race shirt for the first time makes runs 97.56% better, in my opinion.

Excited to run!

Excited to run!

With the runs from this week, I officially passed 100 miles on my running sneakers. It’s crazy how fast the mileage adds up!


You may also notice how Runkeeper has a button that says, “Add New Goal”. I think there’s something poetic about that. After getting my sub-2 hour half, and with no half marathons on the calendar for a while at least, I feel like I do need a new goal. I’m not sure what yet at this point though. Maybe a new focus on strength training? I find weight lifting a bit boring, so I’m not too sure about this! Anyway, it’s something I’m pondering right now… 

Today I played in a kickball tournament with some friends as part of the Weeks of Welcome at my school. My team lost both our games and was eliminated. It was a lot of fun, but I think I probably have more talent at plain ol’ running. Less coordination required!

Official kickball shoes!

Official kickball shoes!

Do you feel like you always need to have a goal that you are working towards?



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5 responses to “A Random Recap

  1. John Nixon

    Hi Nora. Our first comment today apparently didn’t get sent, so we will try again. Nana & I look forward to each new blog, keep them coming. You have a real talent my dear. Nana has ordered some of the Chapul (made with cricket flour) energy bars your Mom mentioned in her recent blog. Will I taste one? doubtful, but you never know. Be on the lookout for a mysterious piece of mail coming your way. Let us know when it arrives. Love, Nana & John

  2. Bandersnatch

    The latest blog ’twas brillig…but without slithy toves. Enjoy.

  3. Bandersnatch

    Your mom just ran a 65.1-mile relay race around Lake Winnipesaukee!

  4. I wish I had your creativity when it comes to cooking! 🙂 All of that looked delicious.

  5. Amy

    Yay I am so happy you are enjoying cooking for yourself! Everything looks great. I definitely find goals helpful but try to keep myself in check and not get “obsessed” about the goal.

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