Oral I.V. Review


All I can say is thank goodness this week has come to an end! I survived a total of 4 exams this week… yikes.  I swear, sometimes I think professors just get together and plan how they can make their students’ lives as difficult as possible!

I didn’t quite get in as much running this week as I wanted to (but more about that in a coming post!), but this afternoon, I was able to squeeze in a wonderful 3.5 miler – AND, I got to try out a new product I’d been meaning to use for a while now!

Excited to run! ... sort of. I had a little trouble getting out the door, but I loved the run once I got out!

Excited to run! … sort of. I had a little trouble finding the motivation to go, but I loved the run once I was out!

The folks over at Oral I.V. were kind enough to send me a free sample of their hydration supplements in exchange for posting a review on the blog. So, a little background first…

oral iv2

Oral I.V. is a product consisting of a blend of electrolytes and purified water intended to prevent dehydration. It’s not meant to replace any of your typical hydrating products (water or sports drinks, for example), but it CAN and SHOULD be used in conjunction with them! It does NOT contain any sugars, caffeine, stimulants, or artificial ingredients – I wouldn’t have tried Oral I.V. if it did have this stuff!

It’s meant to be used in any high-exertion situation where a person might become dehydrated – running, triathlons, and hiking are just a few scenarios you might use it in.

water oral iv banner

So this afternoon, I thought I’d test it out. I know hydration is incredibly important for performing well in any sport, but since being at school, I’ve noticed that my water consumption has gone WAY down. I definitely need to start carrying around a water bottle! I mixed a little of the Oral I.V. with Gatorade, and then tried some by itself.

oral iv3

Either way tasted completely fine!It had no smell and just tasted like water. Also, the bottle is nice and small (and is a single serving size!), so it would be easy to transport to those races where you need to pack and travel to ahead of time.

Did it keep me from getting dehydrated? Well… in all honesty, I can’t know for sure. I only ran 3 and a half miles, so I probably wouldn’t have gotten too dehydrated running that far anyway. I did feel completely comfortable and cramp-free over the course of the run though (and check out that pace!)!

friday 9_27

I think I will be incorporating Oral I.V. into my pre-long run hydrating plan from now on! I feel like it has the most potential to really make a difference on those 8+ mile runs when I am sweating a LOT and pushing myself closer to that dangerous line of dehydration.

What’s your strategy for staying hydrated when you’re gettin’ sweaty? 

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One response to “Oral I.V. Review

  1. John Nixon

    You could try sharing a martini with your grandmother perhaps? well maybe not!
    But vour grandmother & I are going to do just that tonight (without any running beforehand though)

    We try to drink lots of water. Several times a week we walk about 3 miles.
    (Ages 82 & 74 not bad eh?)

    Love Nana & John

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