The Ten Thousand Hour Rule, Pumpkin Oat Pancakes and Consistency

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

I wanted to talk about something I’ve been trying to work on these past couple weeks.

First off, have you heard of the Ten Thousand Hour Rule?

10,000 hours

I first read about this in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers (a really interesting book that I highly recommend!). Basically, this rule states that to be an expert in any field, you need to put in about ten thousand hours of work first. So, if you apply this to running, you need to run for ten thousand hours to be a highly skilled runner. Am I trying to qualify for the Olympics? Definitely not (somehow I doubt I’d qualify even if I DID run for ten thousand hours!)! But, I can improve as a runner. I can gain a better understanding of my own strengths/weaknesses, I can push myself to run farther and faster, and I can improve my mental toughness.

But none of that can happen without consistent practice.


Everyone is busy. Jobs, school, paying the bills, making time for your family… with all these commitments, it can be REALLY hard to make the time to go run. I know I am often guilty of this. Life gets crazy and before I know it almost a week has gone by and I haven’t run at all. 

So I decided, no more. I’m holding myself accountable to a set schedule. I wrote out a workout plan in scary official red marker and I have it prominently displayed by my calendar.


I tried to make it as realistic as possible given my current workload and class schedule. That way, I know I have no excuse NOT to run. For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit I wrote out this schedule at the beginning of last week, but I can’t say I did great. I did get up early for my Monday run of 5 miles, but I skipped the run for Wednesday morning. In my defense, it wasn’t because I was lazy and just wanted to stay in bed! I had several mid-week exams so I actually skipped the run and got up early to study some more. So yeah, I recognize that things happen, and you have to adapt. But if I can improve in the long-run in being consistent, I’ll be happy. And I’m already off to a better start this week, having gotten in both of my 5-milers on Monday and Wednesday! 

Remember how I said I felt like I needed a goal? Well, this is it – consistency in my running. It’s not as flashy or glamorous as training for a big race, but in some ways this is even harder. There’s no set deadline for this goal, it’s just something I have to continue to work on through my life.

And on a completely unrelated note, check out some of the delicious food I ate this week!

Spaghetti Squash with parmesan, veggies, and lemon-garlic sauce!

Spaghetti Squash with parmesan, veggies, and lemon-garlic sauce!


squash1AND, I finally had time to experiment in the kitchen and I came up with this wonderful creation –

pumpkinoatpancakestitled 2Yes, pumpkin oat pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!! SO. GOOD. Recipe soon to come!

Hope you have a great last half of your week!

How do you keep yourself consistent?



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3 responses to “The Ten Thousand Hour Rule, Pumpkin Oat Pancakes and Consistency

  1. Those pancakes sound yummy! I had pumpkin pancakes last weekend, but they came from a box so I’m feeling like they weren’t the healthiest choice 🙂

  2. Hi Nora, this is a great post with a great question! I have to say I’m working on being consistent with taking the time out to quilt and it’s a challenge. I’m working on doing a little each morning since that’s when I seem to have the most creative energy and desire to work on projects. I love the idea of making a written schedule because when you look at your calendar for the day, you are reminded to give yourself the gift of time to work on your goal. One other idea is to leave a note at my front door that I would see each time I take my puppy out as a reminder not to get caught up with neighbors, etc so that large chunks of time don’t get eaten up with nothing to show for it. A simple hello is fine sometimes!
    Looking forward to your pumpkin pancake recipe!
    XO, Monique

  3. marie-france Gozzo

    HI Nora,
    Loved this post. As the other half of your running duo, you know I have trouble with consistency as well. It’s a constant struggle between accepting reasonable excuses without “beating myself up”, and knowing when to say to myself, “stop being a wimp and get out there!!” (The great thing about our “duo” is that when of us is being the wimp, the other one always seems to be the “warrior” so that together – we are always motivated!) And now that I am going to be working, I realize I am going to have to make a much greater effort to stay consistent – and that’s why I am going to try your idea of making a plan for the week and putting it on the refrigerator where I can see it. I will let you know how it goes!
    I was good this morning: went out though it was threatening rain and managed to get in four fast miles before getting soaked!

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