Back in Action!


I’m finally back. I have to apologize for the very long blogging hiatus. Towards the end of the fall semester schoolwork increased by an exponential amount, and I caught a nasty virus that had me feeling miserable and not running for several weeks. And then, I just fell out of the habit of blogging. 

But now, I am back! For real. I missed documenting my adventures, and there are so many more on their way that I had to come back to blogging. Not to mention, keeping this blog helps keep me motivated. And in this month of New Years’ Resolutions, staying focused and motivated is a must.

A little recap of my holiday break so far~

We had a quiet, peaceful Christmas at home. After coming back from school, I was happy to reunite with my favorite reindeer (aka my dogs!).

Brady the Reindeer!

Brady the Reindeer!

One of my favorite presents this year was the Runners’ World cookbook I received! I’ve tested out quite a few of the recipes since I’ve been home, and I’m excited for some fun cooking in 2014.


My mom and I have been doing really well getting the runs in despite some FREEZING POLAR VORTEX temperatures. Yep, we’ve been dealing with some single digit temperatures plus serious wind chill.

winter runs

Not fun. Despite the crazy cold, my mom and I were able to run our two favorite winter races this year – the Lowell First Run on New Years Day and the Resolution Run to Kick Cancer. The Lowell First Run was a 10k and the Resolution Run was a 5k. Both my mom and I ran well and were happy with our performances, but we certainly didn’t set any PR’s!

The start of our first run of 2014

The start of our first run of 2014


Post-race selfie!

Post-race selfie!

The other bit of exciting news I have is that my mom and I have officially set our sights on another half marathon and another state – VIRGINIA! That’s right, we’ve registered to run the Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach over my spring break. Doing the bulk of my training while at school is going to be tough, but I’m ready for the work. It’s so exciting to finally have another race in our sights!

march break

The next few months are going to get busy, especially when I go back to school (only 9 days from now!). But I’m ready for the new challenges, adventures, and achievements that await in 2014! 



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3 responses to “Back in Action!

  1. WOW! Looks like a busy year ahead! Goodluck! 🙂

  2. John Nixon

    We have missed your blog Nora, and were just talking about that fact yesterday. We look forward to receiving the next one. Nana & John

  3. Welcome back! I also got the Runner’s World Cookbook for Christmas this year and I’m so excited to use it!

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