Avocado-in-Egg and Fun Workouts

Hi everyone! 

I hope you all had a great weekend (and a good start to your week so far!). This past weekend was a little hectic for me, but in a good way.

On Saturday, I participated in Relay for Life at my school. A lot of schools will host this event outside on the school track, and people will camp out all night and walk laps to benefit the American Cancer Society. Unfortunately, it’s a little cold in upstate New York around this time to be able to do that, so we do it on the indoor ice rink. I stayed up late, hanging out with a bunch of my friends, listening to a lot of inspiring (and tear-jerking ) stories. Events like these really help put things in perspective, and make me more grateful than ever for my health.


My Relay for Life t-shirt!

My Relay for Life t-shirt!

So I was a little tired on Sunday, and didn’t end up working out, despite the gorgeous weather we had. Then, heavy rain came in yesterday, and I opted to skip the run and stay dry, and do a little workout indoors. I used a free exercise app, the 7 Minute Workout from Johnson & Johnson. I’ve used this a few times now, and I highly recommend it! It contains a variety of workouts, with easy/moderate/hard designations. I did a 21 minute strength workout that was classified as moderate. As someone a little lacking in the upper body strength department, it was a little difficult for me, but that was ok! I substituted some ab exercises towards the end of the workout, when there was zero chance of me managing another pushup.  Another great thing about the app is that it includes a video of a person performing each exercise, so you don’t have to try to visualize the exercise based on a written description (I always have trouble doing this with the workouts you get in magazines).

This morning, I went for a 4 and a half mile run. It was cloudy and cool, but at least it wasn’t raining. 

When I got back from my run, I had half of my leftover egg-in-avocado. I had seen this recipe floating around Pinterest for a while and desperately wanted to try it, and finally did!

avocado in egg 2

I cut an avocado in half, removing the pit, and scooping out just a little bit of the middle. Next, I poured in a little bit of my Egg Beaters, just enough so that it filled the avocado. I added a little salt and pepper, and put them in the oven at 425 degrees, for what ended up being around 25 minutes (I suggest setting the timer for 20 minutes if you try this, and adding additional time as needed).

avocado in egg

They were hot and tasty, although next time, I think I would sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on top for an added flavor boost!

Stay tuned for my next post! (*Hint – there’s an exciting race giveaway in the future!!! )


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One response to “Avocado-in-Egg and Fun Workouts

  1. John Nixon

    The Avocados look tasty, i would like to try one. John & Nana

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