Home For the Summer

Well hello again! 

Yikes, it’s official. I’m done with my junior year. I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I was a freshman, and so nervous and excited for college. Where does the time go (and how do I make it slow down?)?

Anyway, after some long road-tripping for my mom, I am finally home for the summer. After being in the car for almost 6 hours on Monday, we stretched our legs by going for a quick 3 mile run together when we got home. It’s nice to have a running partner again!  Especially since we have some half marathons rapidly approaching, and it’s time for some serious long runs. It can be a little lonely to run ten miles by yourself, so I’m glad to have company again.

Old photo, same Duo!

Old photo, same Duo!

While we’re on the subject of long runs, I have officially decided that I am going to train this summer for the Rochester Marathon on September 21st (the FULL marathon – not the half!). Eek!!!  This would be my first time making the leap from 13.1 to 26.2 miles. I know there is a huge difference in training for a full versus half marathon in terms of time commitment and mileage, and I’m definitely nervous. I think about how my legs feel at the end of a half (like they’ve magically transformed into blocks of concrete), and then I imagine running another 13.1 miles and it seems… painful. But, I don’t like to back down from a challenge!

Trying to remember to stay optimistic.

Trying to remember to stay optimistic.

It also seems like good timing. I would be able to do the bulk of my training over the summer, and won’t have to worry about my school workload interfering with running. And also, what a way to kick off my senior year and last semester of school (I’m graduating a semester early, so I’ll be done in December.) I’ve already found a couple of beginner marathon training plans that I intend to use, and I’ve begun scouring old issues of Runner’s World for any bit of marathon-related advice I can find. Somehow, I feel like if I do enough research, I’ll be able to guarantee that it all works out (which I know is really not true – any number of injuries/hurdles could pop up.)

So, that’s where my head is at running-wise. I’m also very much looking forward to experimenting with some fun recipes, as well as making some improvements to this blog! I know my food photography skills are somewhat lacking, so I’m hoping to brush up on those this summer and really post some mouth-watering food pics and recipes. 

The final item on the agenda? Enjoying the warm weather this summer (I think Brady is liking it better too!)





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3 responses to “Home For the Summer

  1. Kate Cooper

    Best of luck, Nora. Rochester ought to be safe weather in September. I’ll be sure to let my brother know you’re running.

  2. cooperrp@comcast.net

    So proud of you (and your mom) for all you’ve accomplished.

    Rochester September 21st, eh…hmmmmm…. Might be the time for us to make the trip out there again.


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