Updates and Advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having a good weekend. 🙂

Again, a quick recap of the week’s workouts-

Marathon training

Less mileage than last week, but I’m not too concerned. Saturday’s run was supposed to be a long, easy 12 miler, but it ended up being a pretty grueling trail run instead! My mom and I had planned to meet with a running club teammate to run a trail run as a way to switch up our typical running routine (running the same routes all the time can turn kinda dull!), but we forgot to account for the fact that trail running can be a lot more intense than a run on smooth, mostly flat pavement.

Trail Running through nature

This wasn’t mostly flat.

It was more of a roller-coaster – short, steep climbs (I would swear some of these hills were at 90 degree angles!), and then plummeting drops.

After 5 miles of this quad-killing run, the trail brought us out to our car, and my mom and I made the executive decision that the 5 miles had been sufficiently challenging and to call it a day. Next weekend, we’ll be travelling to Vermont to cross off another state with the Mad Half Marathon, so it made sense to take it a little easier this week anyway.

But in other marathon-related news…


It’s official! I AM REGISTERED! I know this isn’t really any big surprise, I said I was going to do this, but it still feels more real to me now. I felt such a combination of excitement and nervous butterflies when I finally clicked to submit my registration. There’s no turning back now. While there was no possibility of talking my mom into running the full marathon with me (for this time!), she did sign up to run the half, so that she would be able to be there to see me finish, which will be nice since it’s her fault for getting me into all this long-distance running business! Haha – see she can blame me for getting her to run fast, but I blame her for getting me to run more than 2 miles! 🙂

And to close today, I thought I would share this beautiful piece of advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson-

this day


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One response to “Updates and Advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson

  1. cooperrp@comcast.net

    Booo! We were hoping to come cheer you on at the Rochester Marathon but Sept 21st is not a good day for us. Boooo!

    We’ll be cheering for you (and your mom) in spirit.

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