My Foot Has Betrayed Me…

Hello again! 🙂

So today, I have to share some pretty crummy news –  my foot is a traitor. Remember how I mentioned my foot injury (and thought it was sesamoiditis?) Well last week, I finally had my appointment to see the orthopedist. After having me twist and flex my foot in every possible direction (which didn’t really hurt) and me describing how it feels to run a mile and half (pain running up from my big toe and radiating into the base of my ankle that only gets worse over the course of a run), the doctor thinks it’s a strain of my EHL tendon. The extensor hallucis longus (that’s a mouthful huh?) runs from the top of your big toe through your ankle and up towards your shin. It’s pretty crucial for bending your toe and flexing your foot.

My strained EHL tendon.

When I explained I was training for a late September marathon, the doctor was… *ahem… not overly optimistic, shall we say. At that point, I was starting to feel pretty depressed. After some further questions though, she did say I could do my best to keep my cardio up with activities like biking, swimming, and rowing, and that just maybe, I might still have a chance at the marathon. I’ll also be starting physical therapy this week to learn some exercises to strengthen the tendon. Basically, I’m just going to have to see how that goes before I can get back out on the roads.

So while I’m trying not to wallow in self-pity (at least nothing’s broken, RIGHT?!), it still pretty much sucks. My mom is keeping up her training now, without me. This past weekend she did 17 miles, even getting rained on right at the end! She’s a champ. 🙂 Today I finally took the plunge and signed up for a 1-month gym membership (I’ll be heading back to school pretty soon!) and did a pretty tough 35 minute interval bike workout. If I wasn’t nervous about this process before, I’m about 1,000% more freaked out now. I don’t want to give up on the idea of my first marathon, but it is dependent on a lot of variables that are outside of my control for the most part now, although I do plan to do all I can to make it to the start line on September 21st.

Have you ever trained for a race while not able to run (through biking or other cardio activities)? How’d it go? Any advice?



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5 responses to “My Foot Has Betrayed Me…

  1. Ah, what a disappointment. However, our new favorite mantra is “Nothing is in control…relax.”

  2. Jim

    In my experience, the best way to resolve Extensor Hallucis Longus problems is the liberal internal application of bacon. Right now, keep up the cardio workouts, apply the internal bacon, and be happy you don’t have galumphing lumbitis. Good luck.

  3. dgobs

    Oh no! I’m sorry about your foot… I hate when feet and ankles turn into traitors! (Mine tend to do that a lot.) Back in April my orthopedist told me to not run for 4-6 weeks even though I had an important-to-me 5K coming up. I ran it anyway, with liberal application of BioFreeze on my injured ankle. It worked for a 5K – though it did push back the 4-6 weeks even further – but I doubt it would be a good call for a marathon. I hope your foot heals quickly and that you can still run the race!

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