So Why Now… (My Mom’s Decision to Sign Up for the Full Marathon)

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So, about a week after my mom was swearing she would never run a full marathon (and making me double-check that I had registered her for the Rochester HALF and not the full), she made the decision to take the plunge and transfer her registration to the full 26.2 miles! I asked her to write up a little post explaining what had changed, and this is what she said. 🙂

Why My mom decided to run a full marathon

I guess it’s because when you run with someone who is always looking ahead for the next challenge, you can’t help but feel a little of that excitement that comes from taking on a new challenge. Last year, Nora took on a sprint triathlon, a whole new adventure for her.

Nora at the Wild Cat Sprint Triathlon

Nora finishing the biking section of the Wild Cat Sprint Triathlon

But that’s how she is, always checking out new things, considering possibilities, and then taking that educated leap in the pursuit of a new goal. Just like with the triathlon, she’s willing to try new things and to work hard to reach those goals. So in the end, even though I’m the parent and should set the example, I find myself inspired to follow. Needless to say, I took into consideration the fact that I have now run 9 half-marathons without injury, and that it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that I am healthy enough to pursue this goal! And of course, though we run together, we will each run our own race, with our own plans, our own paces, and our own individual goals, but always finding each other at the finish.


And who knows? In the end, I might become one of those impressive souls I meet at races; someone who despite discovering running late in her life, now runs all kinds of races – including a few marathons a year – making friends as she travels and runs, always remembering what Helen Keller said – “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”


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  1. John Nixon

    Good luck Marie, and our sympathies to you Nora. Hang in there.

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