Running Happy This Week

Happy Almost-End-of-the-Week to you! 🙂

I have some exciting news to share today.

I ran a comfortable 5 miles this week! Marathon training is back.

I ran this week!!! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, my toe didn’t bother me! I went out for a run on Sunday, not knowing how far I would go and prepared to turn around early if my foot started acting up. At 3 miles, I was coming up on the turn-off for my street… and I just kept going! My foot felt happy, it was a cool, gorgeous day for a run, and I was just so ecstatic to be outside running again. My mom and I also made friends with this adorable cat who ran fearlessly up to us to get petted.

Friendly to runners cat.

After these great runs, I’m so tempted to dive full-force back into marathon training with an 18-miler, but I’m trying to be smart and not re-injure myself. So, I settled for 2 more 3 mile runs with rest days in between for this week.

On Wednesday, I had PT and the therapist confirmed that I’ve made huge improvements. I also learned how to use kinesiology tape (that’s a mouthful… we’ll just say KT tape from now on.) 🙂 The tape is essentially supposed to help support my toe and keep it from flexing as much. Between the healing that’s already occurred in my tendon, and the tape, I’m feeling much more optimistic about the marathon this week. 🙂

That said, I did google “how to run a marathon without training”. Long story short – it’s possible to do, but FAR FROM ADVISABLE. A lot of these people did not really consider themselves “runners” (and didn’t run more than a mile or two leading up to the marathon!), but wanted to try the marathon to cross it off their bucket lists. Personally, I think that’s nuts. I’m going to do everything I can to get in a long run of 18-20 miles in the month before the marathon. Not just for purpose of strengthening my legs, but also for the confidence boost I would feel going into the marathon, knowing that I’ve run long before!

Inspirational quote~ "Don't be so afraid. Do what feels right. and chase whatever it is you want with tenacity and determination."I wanted to share this quote, because I came across it this week surfing Pinterest and it really stood out to me. Not just in relation to training for the marathon, but also for going back to school, and with graduation a mere few months away. I would never want to be the type of person to miss an opportunity because I was too afraid to try, and I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately and how to continue to apply this principle to my life.

If you don’t hear from me for a few days, it’s because I’m busy moving into my house and getting organized! I promise I’ll be back soon. 🙂

Got an inspirational quote? I would love to hear it!



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    I have a million quotes – well, thousands, anyway. How about…

    “You wake up in the morning and the world seems so beautiful you can hardly stand it.” –western student of Zen

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