Back to School and Marathon Training

Happy Tuesday!

Well it’s happened… I’ve officially begun my last semester of college! My classes started yesterday, and I can honestly say I’m pretty darn excited for all of them this semester! My professors seem knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and the subject material is all interesting to me.

Moving in on the weekend was a little hectic, so I didn’t run, but my workouts have since resumed. Yesterday, I did two great Fitness Blender workouts and today I ran again! =)

Back to running finally after my EHL strain 6 miles is the furthest I’ve run in a while, and it was a little tougher than I expected. Of course, I had also forgotten how hilly it is around here, so that didn’t help! I tried to be smart though, and take my walk breaks, and of course I was hyper-alert to any pain in my toe/foot, but luckily there was nothing on that front!

My 6 mile splits

So that’s how my splits panned out. Not too bad! Assuming my foot continues to cooperate, I will be running the marathon on September 21st. If it all goes according to plan, here’s how the next 4 weeks should shape up-

The new marathon training plan. Injured-Recovery edition

I want to test my foot on a longer run this week with 10 miles. If it goes well, I want to get in 18-20 the following week. Most marathon training plans have you completing 1-2 20 mile runs prior to race day, and I want to follow this practice if I can.

My training partner and running buddy (aka my mom) is working on a couple posts to summarize how her training/nutrition has been going, so stay tuned for those! =)

Have a great rest of the week!!



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4 responses to “Back to School and Marathon Training

  1. Kate Cooper

    We’re rooting for you, Nora. Good luck with running, and, oh yeah, school.


    Wish we could be there on the 21st. All the best!

  3. Good luck with your last semester!

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