My #1 Tip for Beating the Running Blahs

Happy Monday (is that a thing? I hope it is for you!)

Today’s post is a recap from my mom of a beautiful, scenic run she had a couple weeks ago!

Running along the Marginal Way. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo

I have a confession to make. Although, I love running –  sometimes it can be boring. It’s easy to get tired of running the same loop every other day. Eventually you just feel blah about your run, and it becomes something you’re forcing yourself to do rather than something you actually enjoy.

How to Beat Running Boredom

My #1 tip for beating that bored, “bleh” feeling? Run in a new place.

Nora and I had always wanted to   run the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine , and never quite managed it. But coming back from a friend’s home in Biddeford recently, I was determined that I would stop and do just that.

It was Halloween morning, a nice 50 degrees and cloudy, perfect for a run along Ogunquit’s beautiful and rocky coast.

Ogunquit, Maine

I parked on Perkin’s Cove road, just across the street from Barnacle Billy’s. It was early and because it was cloudy and cool, few people had ventured out. After chatting with the parking lot attendant, I walked to the end of Perkin’s Cove , doing a little window shopping , all while looking for the coffee shop, Breaking New Grounds, that the parking lot attendant had recommended. (I wanted to purchase my post- run coffee  before setting out.)

Marginal Way.I found the shop in a lovely little cottage down near the end of the road, and after some friendly service left with a coffee and big slice of pumpkin bread.    A quick stop at the car to shed jacket and handbag and to grab headphones and I was off.

Marginal Way, Ogunquit, MaineThe entrance to the Marginal Way is about 30 feet from the parking lot, and well-marked. It was low tide but this only added to the dramatic beauty of the rocky coast. As the paved but narrow path meanders up the coast  for  about one mile, there are great views of the rocks below to one side, and incredible views of the beautiful homes (or mansion in this case!) 🙂

Marginal Way.Every now and then, there was a bench or two tucked in amid a few scrubby looking bushes . Perfect for sitting and enjoying the view!  The Marginal Way is only one mile long, so I crossed the street and ran up a lovely wooded road for a bit, before hitting what looked like a main road and turning back.

Marginal WayBack on Shore Road, I turned left, to do a little more exploring before getting back onto the Marginal Way. This took me past more charming shops and eventually down Beach Street where I crossed the Ogunquit River and found myself on lovely, but pretty much deserted, Ogunquit Beach.

Marginal Way

Had the beach all to myself!

(Just before the bridge, I passed The Above Tide Inn, where I had – many many years ago –  spent a lovely weekend with my family!)

On the way back, I decided I should probably take a selfie or two, to show I actually was here, but  there were more people around now and, embarrassed that someone my age was indulging in this “youthful” behavior,  I nearly tumbled onto the rocks! But here it is!


Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo

Photographic proof.

I really was here, and it was a great way to end what had been a wonderful visit with a longtime friend!!

So every now and then, pack up your running shoes and explore a new trail! A change of scenery is honestly just what I needed and I highly recommend it. 🙂

Have a great day! 


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