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Reflecting on 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Can you believe 2015 is already here?! 2014 seems like it just flew by for me. 🙂 It was a great year overall, and before making some New Years Resolutions, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what happened this year.

Reflections on 2014

the Medal from the Mad Half Marathon in Waitsfield, Vermont



post race

  • We also got to hear Shalane Flanagan speak at the event, which was so incredible! She was so down-to-earth and funny, and I’ll definitely be rooting for her in 2015.
  • Shalane Flanagan. Runners World Heartbreak hill Half Marathon and FestivalIn September, my mom and I finished our first marathon – the Rochester Marathon!! After playing with the idea of a marathon for so long (and even mentioning it in my 2014 Non-Resolutions post), it feels incredible to think I actually did it. And I know for sure that there will be more. Even though my toenail still hasn’t completely grown back. 😉

At packet pick-up for the Rochester Marathon

  • I began my senior year of college at SUNY Geneseo… and then I graduated. I absolutely loved my undergrad experience, and I am very excited to go back and see my friends in May and walk at my graduation.
  • What it Means to Graduate Early, Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running DuoI continued to grow this blog! When I first started blogging, I didn’t really know what I was doing (at all). But I’ve learned so much since then, and I’m so happy to see my little corner of the internet improving! Now that I’m home, I’m really excited to devote some time to making it even better (but I’ll talk more about that later!)

I want to come up with some goals for the new year. But for now, I’m pretty happy to just celebrate 2014.

I hope you enjoyed 2014 too and have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!


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A Christmas Recap

Hello again!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I certainly did!

Before Christmas Eve dinner!

Before Christmas Eve dinner!

With no small children in the house, we slept in pretty late and didn’t end up opening presents until around 9-ish. We had a leisurely morning, sipping coffee and listening to Christmas music while we opened all the presents. As expected, Brady hid upstairs, only making appearances for the occasional dog biscuit. 😉 Once all the presents had been opened, he did return, and I rewarded him by turning him into Rudolph and then featuring him in a SnapChat photoshoot.

Brady. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo.He loves me.

After opening gifts, we put our French toast casserole in the oven to bake (we had prepped it the night before, so there was no cooking to be done that morning). We followed this recipe, and it was incredible. Everyone loved it, and we’ve decided that this might have to be a regular Christmas tradition. 🙂

Christmas Breakfast. Oven-baked French Toast

Around noon, my mom and I headed out for a Christmas run. The weather was unseasonably mild, and we both ran in only mid-length tights and t-shirts! I would have loved a white Christmas, but it was a nice change to be able to run in such good weather. We got in a good six miles before heading home to shower and clean up.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and making a Bûche de Noël with my dad. Despite some issues (discovering we didn’t have any parchment paper for one!), it still turned out pretty well and tasted delicious!

Christmas baking.

Worrying about the state of our dessert.


And now being goofy.

And now being goofy.

And the finished product-

Christmas dessert. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running DuoMy mom and I both had to work the Friday and Saturday after Christmas, but on Sunday, we were both free and went to our running club’s weekly run – my first time back since coming home from school! It was so fun seeing everyone, and we got in a great 4 mile run, despite the rainy morning. Now that I’m home, I’m really looking forward to being able to go to more of our running club’s events!

Afterwards, I dressed cozily for the rainy day, wearing my new mint Nike hoodie. 🙂

Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running DuoIt’s so soft and comfortable, and I know it’ll be great for runs, once our weather cools down again!

In the afternoon, my mom and I went to see Into the Woods. The theater was packed, and the movie definitely did not disappoint! It was just as good as I remember (from when I played violin in the pit orchestra for my high school’s production of it), and just as funny! Chris Pine as Prince Charming was hilarious.

"I was raised to be charming, not sincere."

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and in advance – HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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Anticipating the Holidays

Hi again!

Again… Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. I had my first final yesterday and was studying diligently for it. 🙂 It’s crazy to think in exactly 5 days I’ll be done with my undergrad. AHHHHH! Lucky for me, my dad was nice enough to pick out a few things for a care package to help me get through all the studying. 🙂 I’ve been loving the Starbucks peppermint mocha via packets he sent! I only use a little bit of each packet, and mix it with regular coffee, otherwise it’s a little too sweet, but I love how festive it tastes!

Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running duo.

I have to say I am very excited to go home and celebrate graduating and the holidays. I keep getting cute pictures of Brady and Keeper from my mom and I miss them!

Brady and Keeper. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running DuoOther things I’m excited about:

  • Being able to run with my running buddy once again – and running 2 of our favorite holiday races: The Lowell First Run on New Years’ Day and the 5k Resolution Run to Kick CancerThese were the first races my mom and I signed up for after deciding that we wanted to run a half marathon in the upcoming spring! They’re usually pretty brisk, but we always have a good time.
  • Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo

    Here we are running the 10k on New Years Day!

  • Getting to see our Christmas tree! Here’s a sneak peak of it:
  • Christmas Running Gift under the tree!Enjoying some of my mom’s stellar home-cooked meals (and helping her out in the kitchen while listening to some good music!)
  • Being able to read books for fun!! Haha, this is always something I miss during semesters, and I’m very excited to finally dig into my copy of Gone Girl.
  • Going to see the movie Into the Woods with my mom. I was in the pit orchestra when my high school put on this play, and I fell in love with the music. With Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp all in Disney’s version, it’s sure to be good!
  • Into the Woods.
  • Obviously Christmas. The only individual in my house not looking forward to Christmas is our dog Brady – Christmas is basically his least favorite day of the year because he hates boxes and the tearing sound of wrapping paper. He usually ends up hiding away from all of us until the present opening is all finished.

Brady the ReindeerWhat are you looking forward to around the holidays? Any special winter traditions?

Have a great end of the week/weekend!



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4 Things Friday, Edition #2!

Happy Friday, we made it through this snowy week!

So earlier this week, I asked my mom to tackle a Four Things Friday post for today! After much thought, here is what she came up with 🙂

4 Things Friday

Four of my favorite BOOKS:

1. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy: You might remember my mentioning this novel in a previous blog post and remarking that I’d wished it had a sequel.

2. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall : This one’s non- fiction but the author writes with such humor about his adventures and the runners he meets that I think it would make a great movie! In addition to being thoroughly entertained, I’m learning tons of things about running and what it means to different people.  (I’m working on doing a review of it in more detail for later!)

3. Running with the Mind of Meditation  by Sakyong Mipham: This is another running book that has taught me a lot and connects the interest/skills I’ve learned in my meditation practice with my desire to run well – or at least to enjoy it! (This is another book I’d like to review for you all at some point!)

4. Anything by the historical fiction writer Mary Renault! (Sorry, it’s not possible to choose between them! That’s how good she is.)

My Top 4 Books. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running DuoFour of my favorite TV Shows:

1.  Downton Abbey: Ok, is there anyone who can resist this classy British soap opera?   The costumes and décor alone make it worth watching – and I have a soft spot for the cute Irish chauffeur – now son-in-law of the Crawleys. 🙂

Downton Abbey

2. Dancing with the Stars: Go ahead and laugh… In truth, at the beginning of each new season, I tell myself that I’m not going to watch this time around, and then I get sucked in after the first night!   Even though the concept is the same, the producers come up with enough variation to keep it interesting. As for the dancers, they keep coming up with bigger and more amazing routines – so I have to keep watching!

3. How to Get Away with Murder:   Though I found the first episode confusing, I now love this show! I think Viola Davis is amazing and though I am not sure how the writers are going to get more than one season out of this story-line /format, I love the twists and turns and hope the series can continue even after we know who killed Sam.

4.Parks and Recreation: Always funny!! And it’s impossible not to love Amy Poehler.

Four of my Favorite Races:

1. Amica Iron Horse Half, CN: This race had the best course, (beautiful fields and a pasture with horses and the cutest donkey), best shirt, and best grilled cheese. Also got my PR or 2h 1m here!


2. Support the Troops 5k, Andover MA: This race is, hands down, my favorite charity, and they had the cutest German shepherd puppy, and the best bagpipe players.

Who doesn't love playing with puppies at races?

Who doesn’t love playing with puppies at races?

3. Mad Marathon, Waitsfield VT:  While it presented a challenge, this race had the most impressive hills, and we enjoyed the most memorable accommodations (The White Horse Inn).  But if someday you read that Nora and I plan to run the marathon at this race, you will know we have really and truly lost our minds.

A sign along the Mad Half course read "Keep running, cows are watching"

You don't run the World's Most Beautiful Marathon without stopping to take a few pictures!

You don’t run the World’s Most Beautiful Marathon without stopping to take a few pictures!

4. And last but not least, it has to be the Rochester Marathon: After months of preparation, it was epic and I still smile and shake my head when I remember running all those miles – and the great celebration we had afterwards with our family!

Of course, we had to stop to take a picture.

Four of my Favorite Things about Winter: (This one is a stretch but I am trying to psych myself up for what I am afraid is going to be a long, cold one! )

1. Without the yard work to do, there’s more time to look at recipes and make hearty soups and delicious desserts, like this chocolate cake from my goat cheese cookbook.

4 Things Friday

Winter means more time for chocolate cake.

2. When it’s too icy to run, I don’t feel guilty about just going for a long walk with Brady, my new running partner. (In Nora’s absence, of course.)

4 Things Friday

Nora’s dad joins us too sometimes!

3. In the winter, no one will know if I’ve gained a few pounds, not applied self-tanner for weeks, and skipped shaving my legs. And that, is pretty darn awesome I think.

4. And finally those long winter days afford me more time to sit in a cozy chair and read books about running, or to plan our next racing destination! 🙂

Stay warm and have a great weekend!


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4 Things Friday & An Announcement

Happy Friday!!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m not doing a Fall Fitness Friday post today. This week was beyond hectic and on top of all that, I’m fighting a cold (although I am feeling a bit better than I was on Tuesday!).

Not only am I still not feeling 100%, but winter is truly beginning to set in. It snowed today.

First Snowfall. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo

It looked pretty, but I’m still not ready to let go of Fall! Bring back the 50 degree temps, pretty leaves, and perfect running weather!

I should probably be used to these winters by now, having grown up in New England and going to school in upstate New York, but even so, I’m having trouble accepting it. 😉

But moving on… Since I’m not doing the FFF Challenge this week, I still wanted to do a fun, personal post today. So, I thought, why not try my hand at 4 Things Friday! (Confused? Just keep reading!)

4 Things Friday

My Top 4 Favorite things about Fall:

1. Pumpkin spice everything… well mostly everything! 🙂 -> 16 Pumpkin Spice Products that Don’t Exist and Should Never Exist.

Pumpkin spice.2. Scarves (I own a billion, but I love them all!)

3. Sweaters

4. Perfect running weather (have I mentioned that fall is perfect for running?)  😉

My Top 4 Movies:

1. Titanic

2. Bridesmaids

3. The Proposal (what can I say – I like romantic movies!)

4. Any of the Harry Potter’s

4 Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now:

1. Blank Space by Taylor Swift (watch the music video. It’s scary and weird and I couldn’t look away.)

2. You R in Love by Taylor Swift

3.Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

4. This Love by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's new album.

(Yes, these are all from the new album by Taylor Swift. I can’t stop listening to it, and I’m not ashamed.)

My Top 4 Best Halloween Costumes (Since Halloween was only a couple weeks ago)

1. iTunes gift card (did this with my friend Ramya in high school – it was so fun!)

Woo, throwback to high school dances!

Woo, throwback to high school dances!


3. Harry Potter’s little sister (yes… I made up a character for one of my Halloween costumes when I was younger.)

4. Cinderella

4 Places I’ve Traveled to:

1. France

2. Disney World (senior class trip! I want to go again. ASAP.)

Disney World. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo3. Yellowstone National Park

4. Vermont (for the Mad Half last summer!)

And this category leads me to my next announcement… my mom and I have decided on our next half marathon in our 50 states mission! The next state we will be crossing off is… *drumroll please* 🙂

Running a half marathon in all 50 states

Yay!! I’m so excited to say my mom and I will be running the Clearwater Distance Classic in January. It will be wonderful to escape the cold and snow and go soak up some of the Florida sun. and run 13.1 miles and cross off another state while we’re at it. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the 4 things post! Leave a comment of 4 of your favorite things – you pick the topic!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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What it Means To Graduate Early

Happy Wednesday everyone! Good news – the week is halfway done! 😉

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but have been putting off (I guess sometimes it’s easier to live in denial). In December, I will be graduating and leaving the school I have called my home for the past 3 and half years. I don’t want to sound childish, but it is scary to think that in less than two months I’ll be moving on to a new stage of my life. It’s scary and exciting and nerve-racking and I have a million emotions just thinking about it now. I know that it’s time, and that this is how college is supposed to work (i.e., you eventually graduate), but at the same time it’s hard to think about leaving a place that’s become so close to my heart.

I don’t want this to be a sad post though. I don’t want to depress myself or any of you! I simply want to look back at what has made my time here so incredible, and as a reminder to myself to keep soaking up every last moment while I still can. Because what seemed so absurdly far away on move-in day freshman year, now is a tangible date on the calendar.

What it Means to Graduate Early

What it Means to Graduate Early. Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running DuoIt means looking back fondly on what it was like to join my sisterhood.

What it means to graduate early

And all the joy it brought you.

What it Means to Graduate Early, Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo

It means remembering the place where I first ran a sub-2 hour half marathon (in spite of the challenging course).

What it Means to Graduate Early, Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo

It means saying goodbye to walks to class in the crisp Fall air and taking in the beauty of campus.

What it Means to Graduate Early

And appreciating that beauty even more as you watch the seasons change.

What it means to graduate early

It means being grateful for some of the best friendships you’ve ever had.

What it means to graduate early

And looking back on all the times when you laughed until you cried.

What it means to graduate early

And trying to hold onto a moment, when just like that, it’s passed.

 I am so incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing college experience. And all I can hope is that I continue to soak up these moments for the next two months. Because that’s all you can do: appreciate those times as they come, because before you know it, they’re just a memory.

Have a great day!


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Why I Know I Can Run A Marathon

Hey there!

As you probably know, my mom and I are running our first marathon, the Rochester Marathon tomorrow. We are so excited (and definitely nervous too!). If you want to keep up with the adventures and hear about the race in real-time (and can’t wait for a race recap), I will be tweeting and Instagramming like a crazy blogger-type person, so you should definitely follow me to hear how it all goes!

I tweet @RunningDuo22

Instagram @AdventuresMotherDaughterDuo

The past few days, my mom and I have been focusing on reasons to be confident going into this race.

Reasons to feel confident going into a marathon

My Mom Says:

I Know I can Run a MarathonI’ve been married 29 years and that is worth several 26.2 mile runs.

I spent 10 years writing a historical novel, which requires just as much discipline and commitment as running a marathon. And maybe someday when I spend less time running, I may actually have time to figure out how to get it published! 🙂

I know I can run a marathon because when I fished reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace (all 1,250 pages, mind you!), I thought there should have been a sequel.

Reasons We know we can run a marathon

And here’s what I think:

I Know I can Run a Marathon

I played violin for 12 years and know what it takes to stick with something, even when you’re doubting yourself and it would be easier just to quit.

Every time I finish a half marathon, I’m thinking about signing up for another one.

I ♥ carboloading. Bagels, pasta, sweet potatoes – that’s my jam!

How much harder can it be than a college-level economics course? (Not that much harder I’m guessing ’cause econ was pretty darn hard.).

Reasons I know I can run a marathon

Wish us luck!


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