Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo .

The only thing we maybe love more than half marathons is coffee.

The only thing we maybe love more than half marathons is coffee.

I’m Nora (the daughter of the duo), a 21-year old college student (soon-to-be graduate), runner, and lover of coffee, dogs, and almond butter.

This is Brady, our crazy chocolate lab.

This is Brady, our crazy chocolate lab.


dancing with brady

My running story (which you can read more about here.) began with soccer and then track and field in high school. Check out my intense long jump facial expression. Impressive, right?


Between the soccer and all the track practices, I was pretty darn active growing up. Granted, my idea of a long run was going for a mile loop around the neighborhood, but I was still exercising, having a blast, and not paying any attention to what I was eating (and somehow not gaining a pound.)

Then, I went to college where I wasn’t a part of any organized athletics. I went in with really good intentions – I would eat right, go to the gym every day, etc… Well, that didn’t exactly happen, but the Freshman 15 (plus a few more lbs to boot) did happen. Oops.

By Thanksgiving of my freshman year, I knew I needed to do something. I needed a source of motivation to get back to being my active self. My mom had recently gotten into running, and she casually suggested we run a half marathon together. My immediate reaction – No thanks (how many miles is a freaking half marathon ANYWAY?!). But then I thought about it some more. Wasn’t this exactly what I had been searching for? A reason to get myself running again? So, I hesitantly agreed to sign up for a half marathon that would be in the middle of May, right around when I would be coming home for the summer.

Signing up for the race worked its magic, and I was soon logging many miles at my college’s 200 meter indoor track (upstate New York winters are not very conducive to running outdoors .). Finally, May rolled around the corner, and we ran our half marathon… and absolutely loved it.

That little taste of a half marathon turned my mom and me into total race addicts. I even signed us up for our second half marathon the same day we got home from running the first one. It was during that 13.1-filled summer that we decided, hey if we’re crazy enough to enjoy running 13.1 miles, why not try to run a half marathon in all 50 states?

So that’s what this blog is about – the racing, the training, the successes and failures. Running a half marathon (or more) in 50 states might seem crazy, but life should be a daring adventure.

*Note: I was 21 when this photo was taken. Nothing shady goin' on here!

*Note: I was 21 when this photo was taken. Nothing shady goin’ on here!


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2 responses to “About

  1. Monique

    Hey, Nora,
    Love the blog! Great idea and it is well written! We are checking it out and now I have learned about the presence of WordPress!
    Hope to see you soon!
    XO, Monique (With your mom)

  2. "Kathy"

    Great job, Nora! Awesome pictures.

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